Ich liebe mein Günther-Auto!

This is Günther. Günther is my favorite toy, a 1978 Mecedes Benz 240D. I bought him for $550 dollars on Craigslist so that I can convert him to Biodiesel — but Aaron made a very convincing argument in favor of straight vegetable oil (SVO) and that’s the new plan. If ever I get my economic stimulus check, I’m putting it all into making herr Günther into a lean green waste vegetable oil machine.

He has his quirks — any $550 dollar car would. He is missing an exterior driver’s side door handle, leaks copious amounts of oil, has no rear carpets, has no ashtray, the radio antenna is disconnected somewhere inside, and he has a broken rear strut. A previous owner tried to “pimp” him out by jacking up the front end so that I have to sit on a pillow to see over the dash (I’m pretty sure this is the same previous owner who put the Burton sticker on the back end and the craptastic black tint in the rear windows). The paint is pitted from acid rain and bare galvanized metal is visible in places. It takes him almost a full 10 minutes to warm up to operating temperature on a warm day, and about two full minutes to get up to 60 miles per hour with the pedal to the metal, but I’m not complaining. Soon gas will be at $5.00 a gallon and I will be putting happily along in my Günther, fueling up at the bulk department of Costco and various restaurants on my routes.

— Amanda


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