Canning Green Beans, Pears, & Peaches

Pictured here are my latest canning experiments: on the left, two rows of yellow peaches in light brown sugar syrup; in the middle, a row of green beans with onions; and on the right, a row of pears in light syrup.

Matt’s mom, Mickey, gave us the beans and the onions out of her garden when we went to kidnap her pressure canner. (I was under the misguided impression that I needed it to can something I was able to do in the boiling water bath, but I wanted to learn how to use it regardless.) We have to give it back this weekend, but I think we’ll borrow it again or invest in our own, because I have a badass Mexican chili recipe that I want to put up.

The peaches and pears came from the local produce stand on Hwy 92. I was shocked to realize, as we pulled up, that I am 27 years old and I had never been to a produce stand. I’ll be back! Everything was beautiful, huge, and wicked cheap.

We haven’t tasted any of my canned goods yet — except for the maaaahvellous blackberry preserves — but if they are tasty-good I will post my recipes.

— Amanda


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