When Hippies go Logging

We spent both of the past weekends logging. You can get lumber for wicked cheap from the Forest Service if you go to the phenomenal amount of trouble to go get it yourself. You can only take trees that have already fallen, that aren’t cedar, and that are within 60 feet of the centerline of the road. This allows the Forest Service to get their roads cleared on the cheap, and allows us to get more firewood than we could ever consume in one winter for $20.00 and some serious back strain. Mutually beneficial.

Matt rigged up chokers on a 3/8” steel cable so that we could drag relatively monstrous logs up the banks and onto the road to be sawn into lengths we could get into the Ranger. We got a little greedy, though, and attempted to pull a few that were heavier than the truck, causing the ass end to come off the ground in a comical but really scary way. We also snapped the cable twice – once when it hopped out of the pulley inside the snatchblock and once when the log we were pulling suddenly hit a snag and could go no further.

Our last day out it rained heavily and steadily all day – as is evidenced by the picture of me at the top of the article, soaked through my two shirts and jacket, covered in mud past my knees, and rather proud of our achievements.

On the first day out we overloaded the truck (see below). The bumper was about 6” off the ground and we couldn’t exceed 30 mph on the way home or the front end would start to come up. We were a little more conservative after that.

— Amanda


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