Manda’s Got a Brand New Bag

Here’s a project that finally got promoted from the back burner. Matt found me this great little Korean War-era shoulder bag about a year ago to replace the 100% personality-free tan polyester blob I had been using for the past several years. I had to run it through the washer several times because it kept exuding silty grit from its various crevices no matter how many times I beat or shook it. Matt thinks it was dug out of a trench. I think someone was using it as a brass bag, because the crap that was falling out of it was almost identical to the crap that accumulates at the bottom of the bags in which we collect spent brass at the “range”. At any rate, it’s now fully lined in a ridiculously cutesy-poo quilting calico, holds all my stuff with room for more, and has far more personality than the uninspiring sack of boring I used to sling over my shoulder. Plus, by repurposing an old bag instead of buying a new one I’m sort of recycling.

— Amanda


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