Compost Happens . . . at Last.

For the past three years our compost has been in a cone-shaped black plastic contraption in the shade, doing nothing.

Last weekend we visited our buddy Husby (the officiant at our wedding, for those of you who are following along) at the Fairgrounds, where he works. Turns out that during the fair things are so busy and crowded that when big vendors come to make deliveries to the food stands they sometimes just abondon their precious pallets and never come back for them. So I offered to save the County a few bucks in dump fees and I carted seven of them off for to make a two-bin compost station.

Since these pictures were taken I’ve managed to half-fill each side! One with fast-composting greens and browns from yard trimmings and food wastes and one with slower-moving sawdust and bark chips from the splitting area.

— Amanda


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