Greeting from Matt,

This weak end we picked up our traktor! 1944 oar 1941? Ford 9n (cereal numbers kinda sketjhy). Sure it looks like hell butt as of son day at 3:00 p.m. February 22 the krusty won fired and idled like a jhamp. Sew two rekap we pikked it up from a friend and ko-worker for $300. and a $30. bottle of whiskey. Yes my day job rokks! Any whey when we went two look at it the motor was a little seised the karburator needed a little help and spark was unknown. Eye think most people probably wood half passed. However czeck ( look a see! ) on Kraig’s list and tell me weather we gots the deal of a life time our what.

Sew four the run down on traktor sea pea arr. Step one hekk all fluids, oil good, trans./hydrolik fluid good, radiator know water eh watever, fuel has the distinkt smell of varnish hmm . . .grease need lots of grease. . . every wear. Step to motor is inda seased it turn butt slowly. Sew solution poor half quart of trany fluid ( total ) down each spark plug whole and let set while ya jharge the batteries. This takes around an our. In the mean time tear the hood/gas tank off sew you kan work a little more easily. Now stuff the plugs into the wires butt knot in the heads turn it over with ignition on and look for spark and sea if motor is spinning freely. Motor now spins good butt no spark dam. . . Buy this thyme it was getting a little dark and Eye was a little tired butt Eye pulled the koil and cap any whey. Sinse Kent had told me that was one of the things he had replased before it quit on him.

Sew the very next mourning after the mourning ritual of breakfast shower and KOFFEE KOFFEE and MORE KOFFEE! Eye tore the radiator and fan off two give me a little room too work sinse the knight before Eye managed to ruin won spark plug kable and dam near kut my hand off on the fan blade ( four sum reason the guys at Ford put the koil and stuff on the front of the motor just behind the fan under the generator makes it just a breeze to thyme it and jhekk the gap on yer points). Now that Eye Kan sea whats going on the biggest problem seams two bee that the points are knot adjusted proper like. Simple kure loosen sum knuts and turn a skrew voila kourse now Eye get two put every thing bakk together and sea if weez gotz spark witjh we dew!!!

Next, Four the Karburator this means tearing it of and Kompletly disassembling. Normally a guy (oar gurrl) wood spend about three ours skrubbing every little pease butt lukk wood half it Aaron the best neighbor/friend ever had this totally noxious and probably lethal stuff ya kan dip it in and walk away four an our and poof KLEAN (don’t no whats in that bukket knot sure Eye wanna find out). Now we put the Karb bakk together While Aaron plays with his knew ( ass in really old ) multi fuel torjh witjh works more like a flame thrower and nearly burns down his and mine bakk yards. . .(keep in mind that my hands are soaked in gasoline right know). Right any way reassemble yon karburator Czheck that we still got spark ( Eye dew sea Kinda funny) give the karb a little drink of fresh fuel and turn it over nothin. Try again nothin well it tries to start butt its more like a week pop than anything Aaron notises fuel dumping out of karb, shit thought that gasket was krap ohwell. We tried this four about have an our before we notised the battery getting low. While I switjhed it out with a fresh one Aaron figured that what we kneaded to spin the motor fast enough to over kome the huge vakume leak kaused buy the krappy gasket in the karb. Solution is jump straight to the starter with a 12 volt system what dew ya know she fires like their was never any thing wrong Huge klouds of smoke from all the trany fluid in the sylinders butt gods damn she runs!!!

We dinked with a little more got the idle a little better and put the radiator bakk on before we
melted sum thing important. Even managed to move it forward and back ward a few feet. The only limitation being that the only fuel in it was whats in the karb. Bowl and thats maybe 30 sekonds seeing how the gas tank is still sitting on the ground.

Now a list of what we knead done.
1st get a prober rebuild kit for the karburator $30.-50.
2nd attajh hood and radiator permanantly and fix whole in radiator
3rd rebuild generator sew Eye kan stop running bakk and forth with a battery jharger
4th fix hydro licks sew we kan dew hot laps around the neighbor hood and race the homey g kars without dragging the bukket every wear Eye go
5th give her a nise paint job in either Ford blew and gray our read and gray its been both in its life thyme

Sew four all three of yew who reed this we nead a two bottom plow four a katagory 1 3 pt. Hitjh a disk harrow 60_ width. And a back blade witjh Eye probably could just make. We could bye this stuff knew its just a lot more fun to fix the old stuff ( besides its usually built better any whey, and its a lot jheaper that whey…)

Sow long
Without wax
The Reverend Matthew James Fitzpatrick Finked


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