Wikid Kool Deals

The Finked method of finding the stuff yew want for the best possible prise

The premise for this artikal is rather simple. Win yew don’t half the money, oar like me your just too jheap too buy it knew, two buy sumthing yew really want oar knead its thyme fore plan bee. Now Eye am buy know means an expert on getting things jheap, eye am just lukky sumtimes. However hears sum things Eye learned over the years.

The dew it yourself (D.I.Y) ethos. Its reel simple yew, kan knot rely on anybody butt your own dam self, ever. Lets fase it when the jhips are down the only one who kan answer fore yew is yew. So with that in mind, when ewe knead any thing ask yourself (that person that stares at yew from the mirror) what kan Eye dew to make this work. Ya just might be surprised with your own kreativity.

Right then sew ya knead sumthing anything Eye don’t kare what it is, there is always a whey too find a good deal. The first thing Eye ask myself is kan Eye make this thing myself. Witjh is a lot easier than most people think. A big part of the problem is no one wants to git off their ass and turn the T.V. Off and think for themselves. That wood bee to mujh work. Sew if ya don’t think yew kan Make it yourself oar ya don’t know how, get a book on it and learn, The vast majority of tekknology out their comes straight from the early iron age, Sew unless ya knead a space ship Eye guarantee anybody with enough ambition kan build literally anything. Sum good friends of mine at Big Foot Musik wanted an old tube amp rather than buying won at kollector prises he bought a bunjh of komponents and a soldering iron. He know has won of the best sounding guitar amps Eye half ever heard and it kost him have as mujh as a vintage amp wood half. Oar take the mantle four our fire plase a faktory version wood half cost us about $450. but sinse we made our own I think it kost us around $90. (it wood half been less butt there is a rather small amount of flat stones wear we live…)These or just a hand full of exsamples. In short often the jheapest whey two git what yew knead is just build it (it kan be free if you use resykled material !)

The next best bet is ask your friends dew knot bee ashamed. Jhanses or that if they got one they will let yew borrow it or they no sum one thats got too and will give won too yew. Take the kable Eye use for making knifes, Eye asked sum friends and neighbors and poof now eye got whey more than Eye will probably ever use (the kable we use for logging is from the same searjh). However win asking friends for favors (and that is what they are) bee fully prepared two give at least twise in return. This keeps everyone happy. Besides a helping hand is always apprishiated. The konsequenses of being a moojh are far reajhing.

There are many times when a little labor (usually a lot more then it looks) will git yew a lot of relatively free stuff. Last year we bought wood permits from the Forest Servise granted the permits are very jheap ($20. gets yew 2-4 kords of wood). This year several friends of mine had sum trees fall in there yards if Eye kum saw it up its mine just leave a little four them and klean the mess up when yer done every one is happy.

Fix, Or, Repair, Daily. Often thymes yew will find a good deal on a thingy but its kneads a little help. These kan often thymes be exsellent deals. However you dew have to be Karefull when
akkuireing sum thing this whey. This is wear knowing a little about it kan really help. Most of the thyme ya kan fix dammed near anything. Weather or knot its worth the effort and money is up two yew. Just keep in mind that that busted ___________is going two nead parts and sum one too put those parts on. For instanse the Traktor, Eye knew before we even went two look at him he kneaded a little help butt from the looks of things it wasn’t beyond saving(at the thyme Eye had know idea just how mujh money it wood take to fix him]. Remember if ya don’t know ask sum one who does.

There are thyme’s win you dew half too buy sum thing with kold hard kash. In these situations Patiense is the best virtue. The fastest whey too pay to mujh is run out and buy it knew. There are exseptions too this, underwear, tooth brushes, T.P. E.T.C. Butt if its sumthing yew no is going to be expensive and last forever take your thyme and first learn everything yew kan about it. This does two things it edukates ewe about this thingy and it lets yew find just how mujh it is really worth. Buy being patient you also git a jhanse to look fore deals bekause yew are konstantly thinking about it your i’s wheel spot that witjh yew seak in places yew wood not have normallys notised. Fore instanse we knead a disk harrow for the traktor (other wise its just a really slow fore wheeler…) just down the road a guys got won in his yard quietly rusting away. We have lived hear three years and I never notised it until Eye kneaded it!

A grate place to get deals on stuff are junk stores. Junk stores differ from thrift stores in that thrift stores are non profit and take any thing and everything wear junk store take mostly tools and kollektables. These are espeshially good places two go for tools and books not to mention sum really hot Viktorian klothes. Onse again dew knot be ashamed to haunt these stores on a regular basis. Unlike _ antique stores_ the proprietor knows that the stuff in his store will probably go to sum one like yew who is going two use it and knot just paint it white and hang it on a shelf until the next antiques road show komes along. Personally Eye think the kollektor that does knot use his kollektion is a little nutty (hell sum of these idiots don’t even know what they are buying they just know its old and therefore worth money?). These stores dew get all kinds of interesting stuff in on a regular basis.

Speaking of thrift stores. This is the #1 plase for dish’s and furniture the may knot bee pretty but they dew work. Take a flour sifter. If any won yew know has bought the $30. floor sifter at (insert fansy boutigue store hear) slap them… Hard. Dam near every thrift store Eye have ever been in has at least won usually three. The one thing Eye wood not buy at a thrift store (besides underwear and teeth brushes ) is a pressure kanner, unless its has the weight these things kan and will blow up if the gage has been broken.

And Pawn shops. Pawn shops are a grate plase for tools and power equipment, as well as jewelry and C.D.’s movies and video games, butt who wants those any whey. The jhain saw Eye use fore most ( 90% ) of our fire would kost me $225. and was nearly brand knew. The same saw win knew wood half kost me over $500. Another good thing about pawn shops is there tools. Most shops half a selektion of hand tools from wrenjhes to skrew drivers, as well as some really (ass in knew) expensive stuff like wheel bearing tools four a jhevy, at really good prices. The thing too bee aware of at Pawn Shops is that sum thymes these plases are a little on the shady side of honest. Butt these shops usually get shut down buy the uniformed thugs (kops kome on). Just be selektive when yew make your purjhase and make sure that the item ewe want is in good (reasonably) shape and that ewe git a resiept. Another fun thing about pawn Shops is the haggling over prises. Sum people are knot into this ether whey yer probably sthil gitting a good deal.

Hears a list of sum other plases two look and what Eye have gotten their.
· Kraigs list, Mercedes Benz, Koal, (possibly sum traktor Implements sthil pending)
· E-bay, Machinist hand book, blade Mikrometer (for the day job)
· Auktions, These are grate… THE VAN($150. 6 years 200000 sum odd miles have of that thyme with only one quart of oil) Post vise and post Drill
· Swap meats, this is like a really big junk store with all kinds of freaky stuff, (log tape, razor strop, ) the people are very interesting as well . . .
· Garage sails to mujh good stuff poor bastards just wanna git rid of their krap.
· Want adds, several kars and sum wikked leads to other stuff(unfortunately these are going the whey of the dotto).
· SKRAP BINS, this is also known as dumpster diving. Butt behind industrial places like weld shops kabnitry, and mashine shops. There is often kopious amounts of material that they kant use butt yew kan, Eye onse built a lawn aerator with some like 12_ gas pipe sum tube steel and a bag full of nails. Just make sure that yew ask the owner first bekause it is steeling if ya do not.

And remember above all else be patient. Knot too the point of being listless… The best part about being jheap is the hunt, every thyme yew pikk up your knew (as in old ) thingy, Yew will remember how ya kame to own it. Weather yew built it fixed it traded bartered swindled stole borrowed and forgot to return if it was given two yew whatever. Some day if Eye keep this up everything Eye own will half its own story.

As parting shot Eye wheel leaf yew with a list of must have tools. For those of ewe that want too fix the stuff yew akuire:

1. Kresent Wrenjh 8_ or 10_ (often refferred to buy me as a kresent hammer)
2. Framing hammer/klaw hammer
3. Skrew Drivers both phillips and standard
4. Dukt tape (a world of uses)
5. WD-40 no one should ever be out of this
6. Hand saw

With these tools a person kan fix/make dam near anything. It may not bee pretty butt is will
make dew. And that is the other rule when it komes to being jheap. If it will work than its good

without wax,

Rev. Matthew James Fitzpatrick Fink


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