2009 Veggie Garden Under Way

A few weeks ago Matt went crazy with the new plow and harrow and plowed under most of the back yard. Last year’s garden plot was 10′ x 17′. This year’s is 21′ x 48′. That means that this year’s garden is almost 6 times the size of last year’s!

On Sunday we drove over to the fairgrounds, where our buddy Husby works. (For those of you following along at home, he performed our wedding.) They have horses boarded there year round, so the poop really piles up. Husby took us up the hill to where they have been dumping the stall cleanings for the last ten years and filled us up. The yellow bottom strata in the bed of the truck is fresh shavings and manure and the crumbly black stuff is the ten-year-old composted stuff. We spread this heap on the garden and Matt tilled in until it was even and crumbly and irresistible to a dirt lover like me.

We then planted: black beans, pinto beans, kidney beans, and spring wheat from seed; walla walla onions and softneck garlic from starts; and ‘Yukon Gold’ and ‘Red Lasoda‘ potatoes from tubers.

I think that when we get the rest of it planted and things start to sprout I’m going to get up on the roof of the house and take aerial pictures throughout the season!

— Amanda


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