April Task: Wood Shed

This month Matt undertook the task of building us a proper woodshed. In the picture above, Matt (without a beard!) poses in front of the exoskeleton just after pouring concrete in the rain. The shed is the length of the side of the house that it is adjacent to, and about as tall as the gutters at it’s highest point. Matt plans to configure the doors and siding so that we can store wood on one end and the tractor in the other. When there’s rain but we need to work on a car or truck, we can nose it into the driveway end of the shed and work in relative dryness.

In a coup for Matt’s philosophy of “Wikid Kool Deals” he scored all the roofing materials for free, was able to reuse many fasteners from the Smithy Shed, borrowed the concrete mixer from a buddy and the post hole digger from the next door neighbor.

Here’s the almost-finished product, as seen from the dining room window. We’re starting to actually stack wood in it! (That’s great news for me, because we’ve amassed an astounding amount of wood and it’s currently taking up quite a bit of the back yard where I’d like to have a cold frame.)

— Amanda


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