Buying in Bulk is Cheap and Attractive

I have always been a thrift store shopper, and now that I’m in love with the bulk section of the supermarket I have another excuse to go to the Goodwill and Value Village: storage jars. Thanks to these combined obsessions we are never lacking for dry foodstuffs and the shelves we put in under the breakfast nook are a heartening sight, brimming with interesting jars full of interesting ingredients. Left to right: the new gallon jar I don’t have a use for yet (but the wheat is growing like a weed!), a green octagonal jar for spaghetti noodles, a square 2 quart jar of corn muffin mix, an octagonal quart jar of popping corn, an octagonal litre jar full of penne pasta, and a square quart jar of barley. I paid no more than 2 dollars for any one of these jars. Sometimes the rubber seal is missing or cracked or gluey, but there are replacement seals available online.

— Amanda


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