Almost Locavores

Behold, last night’s dinner. I’m very proud of this. We had venison hindquarter from a deer our friend Aaron shot in fall about 6 hours from home, with stinging nettle pesto I made myself on Sunday from nettles picked 45 minutes from home, pickled carrots grown in our own backyard, and applesauce made with my mom from apples that were grown about 4 hours away. I think the only ingredients that I can’t confirm were from our state are the spices.

The highlight for me was the pesto. My brother Einar was the first one to show me that pesto and venison are tasty together, but I didn’t consider stinging nettle pesto until I became addicted to ‘Fat of the Land’, a blog by a local urban wild foodie named Langdon Cook. I made the pesto from his recipe, with the only variances being 1) I only used the nettle leaves rather than the leaves and stalks because I was concerned that I had picked too late and the stalks would be tough and 2) I don’t own a food processor and our blender is caked with the remains of a biodiesel experiement, so I chopped everything by hand.

— Amanda


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