May Task: Foraging

I’ve always had an interest in foraging — a niggling need to expand from the normal berry picking on hikes to something with a more hunter-gatherer bent to it.

Now that I’m actually doing it I think I’m addicted. Not only do you get food for free, it’s tasty, healthy food (like the giant bag of nettles shown at left), and can be made into all manner of fanciful things. Soon you start to see food in weeds, shrubs, and fungi you never gave a second glance before: puffball mushrooms, dandelions, seaweed, chickweed, deadnettles — harvest your lawn before you mow or you’re missing out!

If you don’t believe me or you want more information, particularly on foraging in the Pacific Northwest, you must visit Fat of the Land. I may be a blogger myself, but my Internet time is limited to about 15 minutes a day, so when I tell you that I check someone’s blog regularly, you’d better believe it’s a priority. Langdon Cook, the blogger of FOTL, has not gone unnoticed by other foodies, or the media. He has a book forthcoming and he was recently in the studios of my local NPR station.

— Amanda


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