Getting my Fix

Nobody fixes things anymore. Thanks to planned obsolescence it’s almost always cheaper to buy a new whatever than fix the whatever. But knowing how to fix things, MacGuyver them, jury rig them, and otherwise make do is essential to the homesteading life, so I get a little practice in wherever I can.

I bought a cute little compost bucket at a new-and-used shop we frequent for $3.00. After a few month’s use I found out the hard way that the interior seal was water soluble:

So I taped it off and rattle-canned the crap out of the inside with cold galvanizing paint. Voila!

A new metal compost bin would probably only have cost $20.00 or more, but we already had this one and the zinc paint, so now I get to keep the one I have and the money I saved.

— Amanda


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