Veggie Garden Update

Our veggie garden this year is bursting at the seams. We have old standbys like potatoes, peas, and tomatoes — but we’re also trying our hand at some new things, like four kinds of beans and white spring wheat. Even the old standbys are a little different this year. Instead of picking up two ‘Roma’s from The Plant Farm as usual, we got our five starts from friend Husby’s greenhouse. If memory serves, we have a ‘Beefsteak’ and at least one ‘Caspian Pink’, but I can’t remember the rest. I’ll have to ask Husby the next time I see him. We’re also trying a potato we haven’t done before : ‘Red Lasoda‘ (That’s the purple flower in the first picture).

Matt is most excited about the wheat, but it’s not photo-worthy yet, so I’m going to gush about my garbanzo beans instead. The garbanzos (the blue-green plant with the white flowers) germinated much better than I had expected given that our seed source was the bulk bin at WinCo. We now have one almost solid row of foot-high plants that look not unlike very upright bush peas.

I’ll keep you posted!

— Amanda


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