June Task: A Better (Cheaper!) Cat Litter

Due to an intense hatred of clay-based kitty litter and a desire to pay less than the price of gold for something my pets poop in, I’ve been using Feline Pine for quite some time. I have no complaints at all about it, but Matt was pretty sure we could find something cheaper yet. I used a bag of Good Mews, which does cost a few dollars less than Feline Pine, and instantly remembered why I had reservations about buying it — when “used” it smells just like ferret litter. (shudder . . .)

Matt insisted that Feline Pine was no more than the same wood pellets one would use in a woodstove, which are about half the price of Feline Pine for the same size bag, and he convinced me to get a bag and give it a try. I hate it when he’s right. The pellets are ever so slightly longer, but they are the very same stuff and react the very same way to the treatment they get in the litter box. Even better, the side of the bag says that they contain little more than wood wastes.

— Amanda


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