August Task: Redneck Root Cellar

I’ve really been looking forward to this project — particularly since we have two rows of two kinds of potatoes ready to dig and nowhere to put them.

We got this monster of an old Whirlpool fridge at the fairgrounds, where it had spent last winter over a faucet that wasn’t frost-proof. Consequently we were saved the trouble of removing the motor and shelves, but we had to patch up and re-insulate the bottom end.

We dug quite the hole in our sandy soil behind the fire pit. Large enough that it looked like a small grave — as demonstrated above by Matt. Come the snows we’ll have to do a lot of shoveling to get to the root cellar, but the rest of the year that’s the only sheltered part of the yard. If we want to keep anything in this thing during spring or fall, it’s gotta be where it is.

And there it lies (before backfilling) in the shade of cedars and vine maples, amongst the salal and brambles.

I’ll post more when I take a temperature reading and get some roots in it.

— Amanda


One thought on “August Task: Redneck Root Cellar

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