The Chickens Have Landed

We have officially taken our first little step into livestock: a hen and a pullet. We had planned on getting chickens in the spring, but we had some fall into our laps a little early when Amanda’s northernmost brother Kjell called to say that he was finding new homes for some of his chickens because the pecking order had gotten all out of whack. Matt designed and threw up a coop (with lots of help from Aaron and minimal help from Amanda) and we made the “prisoner exchange” at Amanda’s parents’ house on 01/24/10. We got an egg every other day from the hen until the day Diggity broke her mother’s heart by forcing her way into the chicken run and defoliating the hen’s butt.

The hen is refeathering rapidly, but hasn’t laid an egg since “the incident” on 01/31/10. However, this morning I found the first pullet egg! She tried to look casual, but all the signs were there: it was in the middle of the floor instead of in a nest box and it was about half the size of one of the hen’s eggs.

— Amanda


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