Wipe Your Feet on Your Pants

With Diggity “rehomed” to the peninsula we will be renting a carpet shampooer soon to undo some of the damage she did before we found her a new place to live. I decided it would be a good idea to replace the rugs that Atlas destroyed so that we track less whatnot onto our freshly cleaned carpet. Above, you can see one of the two matching rugs I ended up with. They are quilted (if I can call it that, because they don’t have any batting) out of 4” squares of alternating black and indigo denim, backed with muslin, and top-stitched with jeans thread.

I’m hoping they’ll stand up pretty well, but if not it’s no big loss since all I paid for was the thread!

— Amanda


One thought on “Wipe Your Feet on Your Pants

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