Custom Gardening Tools

As I’ve discussed elsewhere, I spend most of the late winter months staring at gardening catalogs. On one I saw an interesting but expensive tool for popping out tap-rooted weeds shaped like a cross between a trowel and a hori-hori knife. I was broke and Matt was itchy to get at the forge, so I showed him the picture and he made me one! Unlike the plastic-handled one in the catalog the one Matt made me is indestructible and sharpened to a knife edge. Goodbye, dandelions!

On the right is the trowel I have owned since I was a kid.  I bought it with allowance money at the creaky-floored, taxidermy-bedecked hardware store in my hometown. Last summer the wooden handle finally cracked in two, leaving me with a stubby tang that was too short to give me any leverage. After he made me the tap-root digger Matt got fancy with the repair of the old trowel and gave it a forge-welded basket cage handle. I must say that the basket cage style handles are not only handsome, but they are downright ergonomic. Fits the hand and don’t come loose.

— Amanda


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