I think I’m turning . . . Mexican?

I am an NPR addict.  I should have warned you about that a long time ago.  Yesterday I heard this hilarious, if biting, commentary on my local NPR affiliate from Gustavo Arellano, who writes the “Ask A Mexican” column for the Orange County Weekly.

Canning. Food trucks. Knitting. Urban homesteading. Home brewing. The rise of these DIY activities amuses me. Don’t get me wrong: I’m all for people growing their own food and sewing their own clothes. These are the new ways of life in middle-class America, a way to save money during the recession. But I gotta ask: What took you guys so long to become Mexican?

All these trends are, well, old habits for my circle of relatives and amigos. Butchering a pig? My Tia Maria can do that, and doesn’t have to blog every organ of it. Preserving your own food? My mom devotes an entire wall in her garage to jar after jar of pickled cactus. She’s ready for California’s much-feared big earthquake. Organic gardening? Her sisters each grow specific crops, then they trade produce.

My first thought was “ouch!”,  but I realised I was laughing, too, so I had to share it.  One of the first things you learn when you’re setting out toward self-sufficiency is that you’re far from the first to try these things.  Read the whole thing here.

— Amanda


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