Braided onions

Onion Braids wm

After a week and a half of moaning on the couch with an as-yet diagnosed bug, I was able to get off my lazy ass and braid the onions yesterday. This isn’t something I had any experience with, but we had no less than four books in the house that gave me suggestions. How they ended up sorted by size is a complete mystery to me – I grabbed them in handfuls without looking. It was pure chance, I tell you.

All but the one on the far right were done in the same way, and I think that the middle two came out the best. Matt, of course, likes the one on the far right best.

Either way, they look nice and are an effective storage method, too. We keep the door to our back room closed at all times, which keeps it nice and cool in the winter since it is the farthest you can get in our house from the woodstove.

I now have one variety of bean left to shell, and one to pick and shell and then I will have all the harvest data ready to report! (We’ve decided to put the garlic, (which just sprouted today) on next year’s harvest records since that’s when it will actually be harvested.)

— Amanda


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