Get on the mend

Mending makes good sense – it saves money and resources by extending the life of your clothes.  Now that I have the time I’ve been doing a lot of mending.  Since I’m new at it my work looks pretty crappy, which is why the above picture is from the site I’m recommending and not from my own hands.  Click on over to the Mending Archive at Craft: and check out a vast array of mending options – not all plain jane and not all for clothes.  Learn to fix cat-scratched furniture, ripped-out elbows, cracked recycling tubs, split sweater seams, patch up a fraying quilt, and more. (Note from the future: The Mending Archive is no more, but there’s still, as they put it themselves, “a metric crapton” of mending articles on the Make:/Craft: website. Click here.)

— Amanda


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