Tool roll for screwdriver bits

tool roll 003 wm

Matt has obtained three sizes of Yankee® drivers from junk stores and swap meets, and found bits for them in the Lee Valley Tools catalog.  Matt turns jeans to rags in about three months time due to a combination of hard wear and the coolant and solvents he uses in the shop where he works, so I have a large stash of denim on hand at all times.  With all those bits rolling around Matt thought it would be a good idea to make tool rolls to keep them organized.  I made all three between breakfast and lunch but I don’t know that I can describe how I made them in as short a time frame – some things are just easier for me to do than to explain.

Here’s the sketch I made prior to constructing the tool roll shown above (which was for the smallest size driver):

tool roll wm

Step one was to take scraps of denim and the bits themselves and mess around with them to determine how wide the dividers need to be to keep the bits in place but allow them to be removed easily, and how deep they need to be to keep the bits from falling out but allow their entire heads to be seen and identified.  I left one extra space on either end of the roll to allow it to be rolled up more easily (those rolled-under hems on the edges create a lot of bulk).  The tie is just a length of denim roughly two and a half times the width of the unrolled roll and an inch or so wide, folded like double-fold bias tape and stitched shut.  The tie’s middle inch is then stitched to the back of the roll about an inch in from the side seam, which allows it to be roughly centered when the roll is rolled up from left to right.

Now that I’ve struggled through making these practically miniature tool rolls (with a cranky quilting machine and a dull needle) I think that making larger ones, for, say, full size screwdrivers or chisels, would be much easier.

— Amanda


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