2010 harvest records are in

graham on spectrum

Comparing last year’s harvest records to this year’s is a sort of an apples to oranges comparison. The potatoes failed both years, but last year we had tomatoes and this year we had carrots and onions. Really all that the two years have in common is peas and beans. I didn’t count the garlic because though I planted it this year it will be harvested next year.

This year was much better than last, potato failure and all. Our total takings this year outweighed last year’s by almost 125 pounds. Granted, 82 pounds of that was in pumpkins. Subtract the pumpkins and we’re still up on last year by 43 pounds.

I also track my canning on the harvest record worksheet. We were up 24 jars on last year – mostly because we planted a crapload of carrots this year (half of which were pickled) and last year we didn’t. Quite a few of the carrots and peas were frozen, too, and I wish I had tracked that, as well, because we’ve already consumed a whole bag of peas and part of a bag of carrots, so it’s too late now.

Next year is almost sure to be better (although there’s no real sure thing in gardening): the piggies are loading the main garden with organic matter, I have been hoarding sheer curtains to make into row covers to protect the peas from pea moth, and it looks like I’ll be here almost 24 hours a day to keep an eye on the proceedings.

With my morning coffee I have been reading Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn by Fritz Haeg. Maybe I’ll convert the front yard into raised beds with salvaged wood, plant another dwarf apple tree, tuck our little outdoor coffee table behind a screen of telephone peas . . .

Sure enough: no sooner is this year’s harvest in, but the scheming for next year begins!

— Amanda

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