Book review: Build it! With Pallets by Joe Jacobs

This is a fun little British book (under 100 pages) that I read every page of even though I consider myself pretty pallet-proficient.
There are three methods of obtaining wooden pallets:
  1. The use of a pickup truck in broad daylight
  2. The use of a pickup truck after dark
  3. Politely asking for them
After explaining how to procure the pallets, the author tells you how to clean them up and take them apart – or (and this is where I had my “aha” moment) how to cut them cleverly to prevent having to pull all the nails. He follows that with general directions on how to make 21 different projects, ranging from simple sawhorses to some very nice looking furniture.
A handy volume to have on hand if you are as stingy and opportunistic as I am. If you have more time than money and need yourself a chicken coop, go pallet hunting.
— Amanda

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