Eggs are rolling in again


On the right, a storebought egg. On the left, one of the almost banty-sized eggs from our new pullets. Right tasty, too.

A sigh of relief all around.I don’t know if they resented the fact that we didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions this year, but the chickens seem to have resolved to save their feathery little necks by laying eggs in 2011. So far this year we have gotten two eggs almost every day. We theorize that all four are laying, one egg every other day, because though all of them are lingerie-pink they come in four distinct shape/size combinations: 1) Just like you’d get at the store, but slightly pink, 2) Same size as store-bought but torpedo-shaped, 3) Small enough to be humorous, but still egg-shaped, and 4) Ridiculously small and almost round.

— Amanda


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