Beekeeping classes


This will be my third week of five weeks of the beekeeping classes Matt enrolled me in for Christmas.  I have read damn near every book on beekeeping (without Idiot or Dummy in the title) in the local library system, but every night of class I take several pages worth of notes on things I never knew – or even suspected!  Did you know that blueberry pollen is nutritionally deficient for honeybees?  If their hives are in the center of a large enough monoculture of blueberries they will need to be fed supplemental pollen.  Did you know that drones have half the chromosomes of regular worker bees because they are the product of unfertilized eggs?

The first stunner was that I was not enrolled in a beginner class based around one of the basic beekeeping texts I had already read: I was in fact enrolled in the Washington State Master Beekeeper’s Apprentice Certification!  I get a wealth of information, a free book, and (if I can manage to pass an open-book test with unlimited re-takes) a certificate.

— Amanda


2 thoughts on “Beekeeping classes

  1. Just saw this book, thought you might be interested. You can download it for free on Amazon if you choose the “kindle edition”. Over on the left hand side, there is a place to download a free Kindle reader app, so you could just download the book to your computer and read it there. It's from 1907, has only 1 review which is 5 star.


  2. Excellent! Now I not only get to read that book (which looks to be right up my alley, by the by) but I have another method of reading the stuff I find on Project Gutenberg and the Internet Archive. Thank you! –Amanda


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