Our “new” stove


New to us, at least. We haven’t dated it but suppose that it is from the late 1920s or early 1930s when electricity was available but not prevalent or stable, because it is a wood/electric combo. It also has a water jacket to heat water.

The condition is pretty good overall (and phenomenal for the price): it has a cosmetic blemish on the left bottom corner of the oven door, a little pitting on the chrome handles, and is missing the storage drawer that goes under the oven. We plan on rewiring the electric burners before we install it – which won’t be for a long time.

We had come across this stove before Christmas at the museum we frequent at the fairgrounds. It was for sale for $100 because a snazzier model had been donated and they didn’t have room for this anymore. We hemmed and hawed for about an hour before being pragmatic and deciding against it because we didn’t want to gut our existing kitchen to install it and we have nowhere to store it while we keep looking for The Farm. The guys at the museum weren’t able to sell it and couldn’t keep it, but they wanted it to have a good home, so they called up our buddy who works at the fairgrounds and asked him to ask us if we’d just take it. Our buddy was just as generous, offering to house it in one of his outbuildings until we can find room for it.

— Amanda


One thought on “Our “new” stove

  1. Hey there :)THis is cool, I dont understand why there arent any modern hybrid Wood Burner / Electric Ranges available..? it makes sense, warm up the house and cook in winter, or use the electric only in Summer, or even get going with electric then light the fire and when up to heat turn off the electric..I want to build a small Mud brick home, this way i could create more space by eliminating the wood fire. altho these Monarch Duo-Oven type ranges are huge.. surely theres a smaller modern product..I dont get it?CheersStephenstephen.jordan@hotmail.co.nz


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