Leroy’s never tasted so good

This is a little off-topic but I can’t resist. I have to share the recipe I made last night. I’m trying to get over my embarrassment about the perpetual state of clutter and filth in our tiny home so that I can have visitors. I figure the best distraction I can offer is a great meal. Well, last night’s was pretty darn good if I do say so myself. We had my parents and little brother over to celebrate my mom’s birthday and I roasted a 3-3/4 lb homegrown ham using a recipe from Food & Wine magazine online called cider-braised ham with apple-onion compote. It was fabulous! The recipe is designed for a 10 pound ham but I did not cut down on the other ingredients – I used all the apples, onion, and glaze ingredients in full – and I’m glad I did because the proportions seemed just right. The compote cooked down to the consistency of applesauce and spread on top of the juicy, tender ham it was just about the best thing I’ve tasted in a long time. Best of all, it was pretty simple.

— Amanda


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