Our first taste of the 2011 vegetable garden . . .


. . . is the “Early French Breakfast” radishes. The first planting yielded this surprisingly cute handful of radishes on Wednesday, most of which were eaten outright. If you ask me (a spicy food-hater) they’re “nice n’ mild.” If you ask Matt (a fan of food that clears the nasal passages) they’re “kinda bland.”If you’re coming to the family reunion on Saturday you can decide for yourself, because they will be in the herbed buttermilk pasta salad I’m bringing. (It’s this recipe without the shrimp.)

The radishes were only a few days behind schedule. My massive planting spreadsheet gave the 3rd as the anticipated first harvest date for radishes. Unfortunately, the rest of the garden is way behind. According to the spreadsheet, I should be eating peas, carrots, and beets, and drying black beans. In reality, the peas just started blooming earlier this week, the carrots were just thinned last week, the beets are miniscule, and the black beans are still working on their foliage. In their defense, it was a nasty spring – in fact, April set records for wet and cold.

— Amanda


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