Red and White and dirty all over


Today we picked up this year’s piglets, a pair of barrows (castrated males) we’re calling Red and White, for obvious reasons. Their mother is an American Yorkshire and Hampshire cross and their father is a Duroc and Gloucestershire Old Spots cross. In Red you can really see that Duroc. (Mom is black in color and dad is white in color but five of the resulting piglets were white and four were red. No black and no spots.)

Last year’s pork was such a success that this year we’re keeping a whole pig, rather than just half. The other will go to our next-door neighbor-friend Ed. I have taken to summing up our pig process as “three months of cute, three months of ugly, and twelve months of pork.” Which is to say that they’re cute now, but by the time the butchers come, we’ll be very ready to see them go.

There’s a storm front moving in, the first of the season, promising winds of up to 30 MPH today and tomorrow and rain up to half an inch. After we left the farm where we purchased our piglets our friend there called to let us know that the apple tree beside the one the three of us had been picking from half an our earlier had blown down as the storm came in.

Our new pigs are rooting around in their new pen (at the opposite end of the vegetable garden from last year) and the weather has changed almost overnight. To celebrate that fall is well and truly here, we are having a ham for dinner! (Insert evil laugh.)

— Amanda


4 thoughts on “Red and White and dirty all over

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