It must be fall


I was just outside braiding onions. (Over 18 pounds of them this year!) Unlike Matt, and most other people I know for that matter, I cannot French braid, so I use a technique where I wrap the stems with jute twine as tightly as I can and just keep piling them on until my frail little biceps start to protest the weight of the bundle. This year’s onions were a lot bigger than last year’s, owing solely to the fact that we planted them farther apart. I can never have enough onions. (Seriously. I use at least twice as much onion as is called for in any given recipe.) And I’m a big big fan of this variety, called ‘Copra’, so I think next year I’ll do two double rows and see what happens if I plant them even farther apart!


The rack (a 2×4 hem/fir board screwed into the studs) actually groaned when I hung up the last onion braid. I kid you not, friends.

If the weather holds until tomorrow maybe I’ll finally get those potatoes dug!It was pretty nice, actually. I wish Matt wasn’t at work and could have been there – it was a like a little slice of Cold Antler Farm out there today. Clear but not too cold, and quiet (just one neighbor hell bent on getting a final mowing in). The piglets were chasing each other in pointless concentric circles in between trips to their trough, and the Boll Weevil cat (in mood of uncharacteristic cuteness) was dashing at the chickens to make them jump and gibber.

— Amanda


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