I hate it when the weatherman is right

But on the upside, he rarely is.  We live within a sprawling zip code and we are on the high side of it – about 500 feet above town proper.  We are also surrounded by lakes and peaks.  All of these factors combine to give us a strange micro-climate that frequently either disobeys the commands of the weather report or blows them out of proportion.  Today for example: we were predicted to get 1-2 inches of snow.  Here’s what we saw when we rolled out of bed:


Keeping in mind that my hands are on the small side of “medium” for a woman, here’s a depth gauge for ya:


And here’s my poor little bees, trapped in their home! I swept their porch for them so that they can still get out to poo. (If they don’t get regular bathroom breaks they’ll get stopped up and die.)


Shows no signs of stopping! I’m gonna go check on the fireplace . . .

— Amanda


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