Rag and bone petticoat

Admittedly, most of you are likely not in a vintage fervor like me and don’t yearn to wear Dior New Look dresses day and night, particularly while mopping and slopping and all those great things that come with homesteading. (I want to live Jenna‘s life, but I want to do it while looking like Solanah.) However, homesteaders don’t slop and mop 24/7, we get out sometimes, too, even if it’s just to the feed store.

This project was sort of a gap-filler for me. It’s froofy enough to make me feel fancy-pantsy, but not so froofy that I will stand out (any more than usual) in line at the supermarket. Also, it gave a large portion of a worn, holey bedsheet another lease on life – which means it also cost me nada.

The rest of the sheet will meet a more traditional, less glamorous end: being reused to rag curl my hair, strain kitchen liquids, making muslins of sewing patterns, dusting the living room, etc. And that’s likely how the petticoat will end up someday, too. Reuse, reuse, reuse . . . then recycle.

I made this baby by following this tutorial on BurdaStyle.


One of my favorite dresses, sans petticoat. Damn, that’s a blue picture.


Same dress, with petticoat. Not a big difference – just a bit of swish. I hope the petticoat doesn’t always show like that – I had the camera at toddler-eye-level, so hopefully adults can’t see it. Props to me for finally figuring out the timer function on the camera after four freaking years!


And here’s a peek at the petticoat. I canted the middle tier 90 degrees so that the stripes would run counter to the top and bottom tiers. That’s about as complicated as I get with alterations.

I’ll try to cough up something a little less frivolous for my next post – but no promises.

— Amanda


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