Porker pricing 2011


Our little freezer is getting mighty full! That’s a good feeling. (The pink stuff is unrendered lard.)

Now that the 2011 piglets are pork (we picked up the fresh meat portion of Red on Saturday and the smoked part will come in about a week) we were able to calculate our costs for raising them.

This year we kept one whole pig for ourselves (last year we split Leroy with Matt’s folks in exchange for them paying for cut and wrap). That, in addition to the fact that these pigs were much more feed efficient, meant that our cost was way down! Last year our price per pound was $3.27, and this year is was $2.84! Big difference! Leroy (last year’s pig) had a hanging weight (split carcass without innards) of 95 lbs and this year’s pig, Red, had a hanging weight of 208 lbs.

I wonder how we’ll do next year?

— Amanda


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