Food planting is finally finished


Our raised beds measure 3′ x 6′ and are 12” deep.

With the main garden finally fully planted (and sprouting fast!) we have installed two more raised beds in the front yard for perennial crops. One has been planted with Jerusalem artichokes and the other with asparagus. We’ll have to wait a year or two (or maybe even three because we planted so late) to make our first harvest from these crops, but, with proper management, we’ll never have to replant them!

The main garden this year has: ‘Homemade Pickles’ cucumbers; ‘French Breakfast’ radishes; ‘La Roma II’ and ‘Stupice’ tomatoes; ‘Copra’ onions; ‘Pinto’, ‘Dark Red Kidney’, and ‘Black Valentine’ dry beans; ‘Touchstone Gold’ beets; ‘Scarlet Nantes’ carrots; ‘Alderman’ peas; ‘Bibb’ butterhead lettuce; and ‘Yukon Gold’ and ‘Red Lasoda’ potatoes.

Matt took a fertility and pH reading over the weekend and both ends of the garden (the end that had pigs this year and the end that had pigs last year) both registered as having high – but not excessive – nitrogen and a fairly neutral pH. Perfect!

The food gardening of 2012 is well under way. The hard part is done and now I just keep after the weeds and harvest the goodies.

β€” Amanda


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