Chewy, yummy, smoky BACON!*


We have achieved what, in Matt’s opinion, at least, is one of the great pinnacles of self-sufficiency: we made our own bacon. Well, Matt did, but I helped by supervising and ordering a copy of Morton’s® Home Meat Curing Guide.


Matt liberated the last of our pork shoulder roasts from the freezer and cut it into bacon-strip-sized slabs then rubbed it with a cure made from the Morton recipe for Canadian bacon (so chosen because it looked like the very easiest thing in the book) and rubbed it in. He sealed it in baggies and left it in the fridge for the recommended amount of time, then “washed” them, and smoked for just a few hours over maple chips. Then he froze them (to make them easier to cut) and ran them through neighbor Aaron’s meat slicer at about 1/4 “ thickness.

Fried it, tasted it, died of happiness. If you like shoulder bacon (as opposed to American-style loin bacon which the Brits and Irish call “streaky” bacon) you will love this and it’s easy as pie.

We are smiley and smug about this one, all right!

— Amanda

* Thank you Beggin’© Strips. That commercial has been seared into my brain since childhood.


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