Strawberry + rhubarb = spring


Strawberries and rhubarb ripen at about the same time and taste fan-freaking-tastic together. And now they taste even better. I just tried out Pomona’s Universal Pectin for the first time and combined some free rhubarb a neighbor-friend dropped off with a jumbo flat of discounted strawberries. Sounds good, right? Oh, it gets better. Because I used Pomona’s I didn’t need to use cane sugar, so I sweetened this already awesome stuff with . . . HONEY.

(insert Homer Simpson’s drooly gargling noise of utter food ecstasy)

No, really, this stuff is that good. Obscenely good. Too good for toast good. Nuke it and drops globs of it on vanilla bean ice cream. Make strawberry-rhubarb-honey shortcakes with scones and real whipped cream. Make tarts. Or hand pies.

Whatever you do, go here and get the recipe. It’s on recipe card 4. (Note: I only used 1/2 cup honey but I like things quite tart.)

— Amanda


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