I ♥ Potlucks


My orzo salad in a vintage enamel stockpot. I threaded a ribbon through the handles on the pot and the lid and around the spoon so that the lid won’t rattle and I won’t forget the spoon, either. Rather Martha of me, I think.

My family has an annual family reunion. Generally, whoever is hosting it provides the main course (usually burgers and hot dogs, although I understand that this year we get ribs!) and the attendees bring drinks, side dishes, salads, and desserts.

Everyone has a specialty that I look forward to: my brother Einar and his wife Angie have a broccoli salad that puts the grocery store deli kinds to shame, my mom makes sweet & savory baked beans, my uncle Dain is a connoisseur of all things gooey and chocolatey . . . and so on.

My fail safe recipe, though not as spectacular as the other dishes on the table, is always well-received. It’s light, cheap to make, and goes with everything. We make it frequently here at home for everyday meals, too. It’s Cooking Light’s Orzo salad with peas and feta. I highly recommend it. You only need to know how to measure ingredients and boil water.

— Amanda


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