Reusable produce bags


Image © 2012 Earthwise Bag Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used with permission.

I swear on my coffee maker that I am not being reimbursed in any way, shape, or form for this product review. I just honestly really like these things.

For quite some time I have been buying up all the nylon mesh I can find at the thrift store (usually in the form of sheer curtains), intending to make reusable produce bags out of them. The idea is that they be sturdy, washable, fold down to practically nothing, but still sheer enough for the checker to see your fruit and veg – and also make out the numbers on the little stickers, too. But I never got around to the actual sewing of the bags so I told myself that all that mesh would be a boon in the garden if I needed frost protection or if we got hit by carrot flies or something.
The point is now moot because a month ago at Fred Meyer I chanced across a display of Earthwise bags. They were being sold in packs of three for some phenomenally low price (either $1.99 or $0.99). I bought several packages and haven’t regretted it. They meet all my requirements (small, sturdy, washable) and I get compliments on them, too! Everyone wants to know where I got them, even the checkers.
After lugging home a crapload of edibles I clean the bags in one of three ways: 1) if they don’t appear dirty at all and all I carried was something clean and dry like apples I turn them inside out and shake them, 2) if they’ve got a little funk from kiwi fuzz or some juice from a squashed lettuce leaf I rinse them under the tap and put them on the dish rack to dry, or 3) if I feel pathetically lazy or I dropped one in a mud puddle I throw them in the wash and let them go through both the washer and dryer (and they come out just fine).
Now there’s even fewer plastic bags getting into our house!
— Amanda

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