Yes, peas!


A 4-quart ice cream bucket full o’peas on the shady back porch.

This morning I picked, shelled, blanched, and froze the first bucketful of fresh peas. We grow pole peas, instead of the much more popular bush peas, because we have more vertical than horizontal space available these days. The variety that has stolen my heart (by way of my taste buds) is ‘Alderman’, also known as ‘Tall Telephone.’ Fresh from the pod they are sweeter than sweet corn!

This year I am doing something I forgot to do last year, which is to save all the pods. If you are familiar with the Britcom ‘The Good Life‘ then you will understand my mad ambition to brew “pea pod burgundy.” This first picking yielded 10 oz of peas and just over 1 lb of pods so three more pickings will give me enough pods to try my hand at brewing! (And then, in sixth months, I can tell you how it tastes.)

— Amanda


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