Moving day for the new chicks

Hostile takeover!

Hostile takeover!

This morning the new laying hens, four barred rocks i raised from day-old chicks, finally moved into their permanent home. This meant moving the old, unproductive chickens out, which meant making good on all our threats to eat them if they didn’t lay. Monday afternoon the old chickens got the axe and went to the great big freezer in the sky (well, the little freezer in the band shed). One of them is already scheduled to make a menu appearance in the next week.

The new girls don’t have names yet and they’re still pretty hard to tell apart with those zebra stripes going on. They also don’t lay yet, but that should start soon: like in the next few days to few weeks. By the end of the week they should be fully shifted over to “grown-up food” (layer ration).

— Amanda


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