Hickory shirt hens are laying*


Egg number four.

The new chickens just moved into their permanent housing last Wednesday. The very next day one of them laid us an adorable little brown egg! I was plenty surprised because at the time they weren’t even on layer ration yet – they were still getting some chick starter in their feeder as I switched them over gradually. The day after the first egg I started feeding them 100% layer ration to prevent thin-shelled eggs, but so far every egg has been perfect: clean, hard-shelled, and in a nest box. What more could I ask for?

Well, maybe for them to get a little bigger . . . or a little more frequent . . .

— Amanda

* Hickory shirts are what local loggers call the heavy-duty black and white striped shirts they prefer. Our chickens also have little black and white stripes so we have been calling them hickory shirt chickens instead of barred rocks.


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