This just in: piglets


On Friday we headed north in the pickup truck and came back loaded down with 1600 lbs of pig food and two freakishly adorable piglets. (This time, no apples.)*

The food came from a different supplier this year as our old favorite, Wolfkill, has been bought out by Cargill (the humongous corporation that owns Purina, among other brands) and has closed (rumor has it, for five years minimum). The new stuff doesn’t cost much more than the old and has almost exactly the same composition, but it does mean driving into the next county to get it. But we got so much on the first run that we may not even need to make a second trip!


This is how we found the piglets this morning: asleep in their food trough.

The piglets have the same dad as last year’s and each have a different mother. We had clever names planned but they didn’t stick, so as yet the little guys have no names. They also haven’t got the sense to sleep in their house, but a little straw and some cold weather ought to right that.

— Amanda

* Last year we also brought home a 50 lb-size dog food bag full of apples from the yard of our pig breeder. 30 minutes after we left, the tree we had been picking from was blown over by an incoming storm – but I made so much sauce from those apples that the tree lives on to this day in our pantry.


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