Book Review: Home-Ec 101: Skills for Everyday Living


While Martha Stewart and her Homekeeping book (big enough to chock the wheels of a 747) will always be my go-to guide for all things related to keeping house, this is another great resource. Mrs. Solos runs a blog by the same name as her book and I check in from time to time when I have a “Dear Heloise”-type question like “How do I wash painted walls?” or “Can I freeze butter?”

She gives good, practical advice – and she’s funny, too. (“Everyone has laundry, even nudists. They still have towels, sheets, and hopefully aprons. Can you say grease splatter?”)

This is a great primer for the first time renter or homeowner who doesn’t want to live like he or she did in the dorm or with the tribe of roommates but has no idea how mom kept everything so neat and tidy.

— Amanda


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