You must read this*


Cover image used with permission. Photo by Diane Padys Photography.

If you are in the northern end of the I-5 corridor in western Washington state – the Puget Sound basin, as the meteorologists call it – we encourage you to check out a free publication covering Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, Island, and San Juan counties: Grow Northwest Magazine.

We picked up our first issue several years ago on our first visit to the Blue Mountain Grill on Hwy 9 near Acme. If I remember right it was the second or third issue. We just wanted something to flip through while we waited for our burgers, but we were drawn in when we saw that the magazine was published by the husband and wife team who brought us What’s Up!, the Bellingham music news that we used to read regularly when Matt’s band was still playing weekly gigs. We ate up every page, learning about all manner of farmers markets, co-ops, restaurants, agricultural museums, seminars, and cooking classes that were new to us.

And now we don’t have to traverse the counties to get our hands on a copy – we can pick them up at the local food co-op and our library branch, too!

What would happen if Mother Earth News took a chill pill and Sunset got über-local and the two of them had a little baby magazine? Well, here you are. If you like food, agriculture, farmer’s markets, recipes, local color, and what-have-you, you should seek out a copy or check it out in PDF form online at You can trust me, a former start-up regional magazine employee, when I say that readership is what keeps these types of things going! Read it, enjoy it, and when you visit the folks from the articles and ads tell them how you heard about them.

— Amanda

* Show of hands: who got my NPR reference? Yay! Have a cookie.


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