A flashback and an apology


I took an unlabeled roll of film to be developed yesterday. It turned out to be pictures from fall and winter of 2006, the first year we lived in the house where we are still performing our wacky lifestyle experiment. Most of the pictures are too awful to share: I weighed 70 pounds more than I do today (I didn’t recognize myself!), the house had gone unpainted for 11 years, and the yard was barren. Lotsa ugly.

But there were also some happy, colorful shots from our SCA days and this shot of our first-ever harvest. Miniature harvest, looks like. The previous owners of our home had had an above-ground swimming pool just a few feet from the patio (which eventually burst and flooded the yard with chlorinated water, killing the grass and fertility) and we planted our first garden on the round, bare patch that had once been the pool’s footprint. I seem to remember we only planted about 5 kinds of food and most (the leeks, the radishes, and the onions) didn’t make it. We were clueless. Look how far we’ve come!

Oh, and here’s the apology: Sorry for not posting much (*cough cough* at all *cough cough*) in November. I should have put up a warning that I would be doing Nanowrimo.

We hope everyone had a splendid Thanksgiving (We sure did!) and if we don’t post something before then have a nice [insert holiday here] and a safe New Year’s Eve.

— Amanda


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