Superior chickens

Dumpling and Cordon Bleu 05-10-11

Dumpling (foreground) and Cordon Bleu (background). Two of the original feral threesome.

stewie and dumpling

Stewie (L) and Dumpling (R).

Math is not my strong suit, as many of you know. But I know my way around a calculator (and well enough to have faith in the following astonishing numbers.

We first got chickens, some wild-caught beasts of unknown origin or breeding, from my northernmost brother in 2010. January 24, to be exact. That horrible trio (originally a foursome) lived until September 3, 2012; 952 days. In that time they laid a collective 533 eggs.

Our new chickens (also originally 4 and now 3) were raised from chicks and started laying on September 6, 2012. This means that they had 116 laying days between then and the end of the year in which to lay their 234 eggs.

So the old birds, who were mean and noisy to boot, laid an average of 0.55 eggs per day, whereas the new birds, who are quiet and soft and mellow, have laid an average of 2.01 eggs per day.

— Amanda


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