Will spring arrive on time?

spring 2013 005 wm

There are blooms all over my new winter-blooming viburnum. Thanks again to neighbor Lee’s wife for vetoing this shrub so that it could come live with me, instead! Smells heavenly.


Ambitious daffodils. I just planted them in the fall of 2012. Can’t wait to see their blooms.


All my sedums are gearing up for take-off, but the ‘Autumn Joy’, as usual, are going overboard.

I’m not holding my breath because our little microclimate is notorious for screwing us over at the last minute (for instance, the four inches of snow in an hour in April of 2008), but February is traditionally the worst of our winter (and this year we only had maybe an inch of snow) and today was mighty nice (although, just to be contrite it is now beginning to rain). We’ve had other clear and sunny days this year but they were all so c-c-c-cold! Today I was able to work outside for several hours without my fingers going numb inside my gloves.

I hope this means that we will get spring when everyone else gets spring for once and this blog can burst out of dormancy, too!

— Amanda


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