It’s the pits


Please excuse the evidence of a hastily-cooked breakfast on the edge of that reflector pan.

I am loving my nothing-but-baking-soda deodorant. Matt, understandably, is less than thrilled about the idea of his underarms and a froofy powder puff coming into contact with one another.

So for him I whipped up a homemade deodorant stick from One Good Thing by Jillee. It was remarkably easy. I halved the recipe (so that I could make a single stick) and melted the ingredients in a regular saucepan over low heat on the stove. No double boiler no special equipment no thermometer. Clean up was easy, too. I made this first batch unscented because I didn’t have any essential or fragrance oils on hand that I thought Matt would enjoy reeking of. (Lavender? Naw. Tomato leaf? Um, no. Rose geranium? Pass.)

But best of all is that it works! Matt has been using this stuff for a week now. He confirms the original article’s warning that you need to use less of this than commercial stuff (a single swipe is sufficient), but it does exactly what it is supposed to!

In case you were wondering where I got the ingredients: coconut oil (which doesn’t smell like coconut, and unlike most oils, is solid at room temperature) is now available in most supermarket baking aisles. The beeswax pellets I had leftover from a candlemaking spree a few years ago. I got mine at a great store called Zenith Supplies in Seattle (they ship, too).

[Note from the future: Now that you’ve read this, please read the follow-up post “If itโ€™s good enough for my hair, itโ€™s good enough for my armpits.”]

โ€” Amanda


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